Kitty Copter

Bearsloth Kitty Promo.jpg
Bearsloth Kitty Promo.jpg

Kitty Copter


Kitty Copter Board
It's a common fact that cats can fly and are often born with collapsable rotary blades in their backs. We can't all be as lucky as the majestic house cat so we must attain flight through means of the Kitty Copter popsicle deck. 
buy one today, fly one tomorrow...

Popsicle Deck:

8.25 x 32
8.5 x 32

Orders Processed within 5 business days, Shipped from San Francisco
Comes with one Skate Deck, Original Art Print and FREE BearSloth stickers! 
Does not come with trucks, wheels, hardware or grip tape.


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